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my drawings :D

WARNING for some drawings do contain sensitve theme due to my emotions.

All Drawed In GIMP and PhotoShop Elements 7

My OC live in here and they are based on my PERSONALITY

June-Ya (EmoVeggie or Emo-Kun): Is the sad and depressed side of my personaily..Also a very quiet and shy one. Very easliy to piss him off and he is very short fused. Not a fighter though, but also a lover. Also he is love with my best friends OC Celeria :heart:

Legend Of Zelda is in here :love:

DragonBall Z and Death Note are in here also :D

Left 4 Dead :love:

DO NOT STEAL MY ART!!!!!!!!!!!!! >8(

:D Thankies and enjoy :heart: :D




So sorry, Im alive and kicking :D

I havent done very much art but will do now that a massive artblock has lifted away now.
Yep very busy. been through allot of thing which are positive.

life has stepped in and just made thing a hell allot busy and with spring 4 weeks away already!

I miss you all lovely watchers and I really hope to post some artwork too. its been too long.

love you all heaps xxxxooo
Good News.

after the whole Dodo scramble,  it has finally come to an end. I will finally get my money back within 3-5 days

good news at last. finally  I can be at peace now. I will search for another internet company that I can trust without any problems,  even though there will be anyways.

so now im happy :)

well I am continuing on drawing so expect more art to come :)
Hello everyone :)

Well it looks like ive been scammed or somewhat in a way.

the Company Dodo, who I am at this moment, is were i am supposed to havr internet connection.
However this has become honestly distasteful.

They are quick to take my money which is over $100 in connection fee and a monthly payment.  

its been over a month to two months and NO service connection for the internet.  Now I jave a message that it is active and connected but thats a lie when I dont have it.  I have rang them and told them and all they do is just pass me on to another caller and they always change the subject.

I am very mad at this for them lying to me and being DISHONEST.

I am going to ring them back for my money back and they will receive NO PAYMENT from me. Why should I pay for a service that I cant use and been lie to?

just a rant, im sorry. I know I sound very ungrateful,  but really I guess many pwoplw have been through this too and its very frustrating and making me angry.
Gin Ichimaru by XxEmoVeggiexX
Gin Ichimaru
Hellllooooo im finally back with new artwork.

However this turned out allot differently. ive tried no lineart for the most part I am please with.

well, practice makes perfect they say :)

Gin and Bleach (C) the owner

Artwork (C) :iconxxemoveggiexx:
So sorry, Im alive and kicking :D

I havent done very much art but will do now that a massive artblock has lifted away now.


Hello Humans of all types :D

My name is Mel, im from earth. I draw allot and love anime and playing Legend Of Zelda.

I play guitar and Children Of Bodom is my fave band.

I Love to make new frineds and enjoy showing my art to you all. I am crazy and i do love humor :)

I do Judo and I love it, its fun and great.friendly people and also its like my second home :D


:iconheroeschildren: <------ I'm a fan of this comic, You should really Check it out :heart:

Stamps that show Who I am:

Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon It's ok to be different by Nice-Spice I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI Tomboy Stamp by JiiHaku I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Vaati stamp by paridox I wish I could... by prosaix Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX :thumb305281332: Never... by prosaix I talk to myself... by prosaix I wish... by prosaix :thumb313282537: Bacon stamp. by Shark-Bites Can't stop deviantart-ing by prosaixNot popular and happy by prosaix Fun not fame... by prosaix
-Triforce of Courage Stamp- by ccucco

Fave Stuff :heart:

:iconlinkwtfplz: :iconexcitedlinkplz: :iconicameplz: :iconiepiccameplz: :iconpelvicthrustplz: :icondarklinkplz: :icontriforceplz: :iconeagerpee: :iconyayzplz: :iconrapefaceplz: :iconnaviplz: :iconghirahimplz: :iconcoollinkplz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconichaincameplz: :iconicamecombinedplz: :iconimegacameplz: :iconhunterrapefaceplz: :iconlinkrapefaceplz:

I'm A Huge Fan Of:

:iconhuntinghorizons: :iconmachine-birdy: :iconchristy58ying: :iconsuicide-blonde-stock: :iconzeldanatico: :iconantoinetterosae: :iconstarryknightstudio: :iconakubakaarts: :iconthebutterflygirl: :iconbustergarou: :iconangelkiller666: :iconkatarinamaline: :iconlight-and-twilight: :iconlink-of-the-twilight:
**More to be added**

Couples that I love (Hey, don't like, then shoosh! I know you have smoe sick twisted mind of crack parings, so let me have MINEZ XD) :

Link X Zelda
Dark Link X Midna
Ghirahim X Fi
Pipit X Link
Vaati X Zelda
Vegeta XBulma
Goku X Chi-chi
Link/ Dark Link X Pit

***More to be added***

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